About Us

Banca Popolare del Cassinate is a joint-stock cooperative company founded in 1955 with the aim to help to rebuild the city of Cassino and the surrounding area after the Second World War.
BPC treasures history and tradition as a precious gift, but at the same time invests in innovation, being aware that even the use of cutting-edge technologies is not enough. True innovation, what we are most proud of, lies in being able to revive day by day the main peculiarity of BPC style: its strong bond with the territory and its people.

The term “territory” does not refer to an indefinite geographic area, but to a distinctive identity, made of stories, traditions, cultures, dialects, customs, typical food for a unique taste, unmistakable scents, landscapes and, above all, people; the people who live, work, love that territory. People who leave and people who come back, who look at the outline of the mountains, the maze of towns and roads and feel at home.

We put our heart and passion in our way of banking. We filled technology with love for things and people, we connected tradition to the future. This is what makes us proud more than anything else and what we will keep working on, just like the memorable tagline that has marked our activity for years: “Rebuilding yesterday from rubble, working today for the future” (“ieri per la ricostruzione, oggi per il futuro”).