Corporate Bodies

This section contains a list of the Governance Positions within Banca Popolare del Cassinate

Governance Positions


Professor Vincenzo Formisano


Mr. Nicola Toti

Board Members

MS. Carmen Gallucci*

Mr. Giacomo Caira

Bonaventura Fiorillo, Accountant

Antonio D’Aguanno, lawyer

MR. Michele Modina*

MS.  Daniela Baglieri*

Pasquale Matera, lawyer

Mr. Giovanni Paolo Scalesse

Mr. Francesco Stellin

Standing Statutory Auditors

Mr. Marco Taccone  (Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors)

Mr. Roberto Molle

Caricasulo Simona

Substitute Statutory Auditors

Mr. Marcello Ferraro

Maria Fedele

Standing Arbitrators

Mr. Eleuterio Compagnone

Giuseppe D'Ambrosio, lawyer

Professor Antonio Simeone

Substitute Arbitrators

Professor Adriana Letta

Otello Zambardi, lawyer

General Manager

Mr. Roberto Caramanica

Deputy General Manager

Mr. Valter Pittiglio

(*) Independent Board members (article 30 of the Articles of Association): assessment of requirements and subsequent verification by the Board of Directors 30 May 2023